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Starry Moon Jellies Skirt - Navy

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A jellyfish shaped skirt with jellyfish on it? Why yes. That is what this is. There is a drawstring that feeds into a channel formed by the seam of the ruffle that you can tighten on either side to form a bubble shaped hem. If you want to poof out this look, we recommend a multi layered petticoat and stuffing one layer of it into the mantle of your jellyfish. You may also opt to just wear this skirt as a classic lolita skirt.

The print features jellyfish and stars with iridescent glitter. It is trimmed with star lace, and an iridescent organza ruffle. Two side seam pockets and a fully shirred waistband make this a very comfy and functional choice.

Size Guide:

Size 1 -
Waistband - 26-43"
Skirt Length from bottom of waistband to hem- 20"+ 2" of Organza

Produced in our Studio