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Requiem Aeternam Beach Tote



Requiem Aeternam Beach Tote is made out of durable water resistant polyester, which is a great choice if you're looking for a tote bag that will last! Added thick tape straps for ultimate comfort.

Gothic artwork turned into a versatile bag - a great option for spooky people and lovers of the cathedral aesthetic with just a pinch of timeless Latin phrases.
"Requiem Aeternam" meaning eternal rest, woven into an antique scroll wrapped around an intricate, authentic stained glass panel, topped with a beautiful cathedral crown.

What is a FullPrint bag?
FullPrint items are printed in a way where the graphic takes up the entirety of possible space from seam to seam; which means they are assembled a bit differently than a standard tote that is first sewn, then printed on.

† ILLUSTRATION: @maliceindix
† GRAPHIC DESIGN / DIGITAL EDITING & PRODUCTION: @raspberrycorpse / @raspberrymazohyst

† BODY: 100% polyester
† STRAPS: 100% cotton
† 42 x 38cm,
† DTG multi-gradient print,
† Machine wash inside out in 30C