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Cathedral Kyrie Choker


DISCLAIMER: All Raspberry Mazohyst pieces are meant to be worn as shown on the mannequin - FITTED. They are not recommended to be worn loose, they are not designed for a non-fitted wear.

† Cathedral Kyrie choker - white version

Elegant mini version of the Kyrie choker - a slim, hardware decorated band with 3 cross buttons and a beautiful steel decorated plate on each size.

† 3.0 cm width
† 13cm cross
† 2x cross buttons
† 2x cross engraved decorative plates
† 2x window engraved decorative plates
† Materials: vinyl (white)
† Buckle closure at the back

Size 29-37cm Neck
Size 33-40cm Neck

† Please allow minor differences / irregularities from the image listed above. Every item is custom made by hand, minuscule imperfections might occur.